Body Piercing After Care - £5.00

Jewellery Fitting Per Fitting - £3.00

Dermal Anchor Change - £5.00 

Dermal Removals - £15.00

Skin Diver Removals - £7.50

Genital Piercing Fitting - £5.00  

Heart BCR Fitting - £5.00




After every piercing we will get you to come back within 1-6 weeks to check up on your piercing and see how its healing. With most piercings you will receive a free bar change. You can either buy a different ball, BCR, horse shoe or bar and we will fit this for you free of charge. But you are also entitled to a bar change where we will shorten down the bar. If you have any problems with your piercing we are more then happy to help. 



All of Unikorns age requirements are shown on our website, We will only accept a verity of forms of ID. Which are:

Passport, Driving Licence/Provisional, CitzenCard, Age Entitlement Card, ONE-1D4U, Validate UK or....

A Parent/Guardian to sign Unikorns consent form.

If you are 16 and over then you do not need parental consent. And if you are under 16 you will need your parent or guardian to come in and fill out our consent form. 






We are absolutely delighted to say our piercing studio is now open!

There has been a few changes since re opening, but we have always been a very sterile environment and nothing has particularly changed in our cleaning practice. 

Although we are already a very very clean sterile environment we are taking extra steps to ensure you and our piercers a safe during these uncertain times.

We are not offering any Oral Piercings at this moment in time:

Booking your Appointment

A £5.00 deposit needs to be paid on booking. 

Hitchin Piercing Studio:
All bookings can be made from 9:30 am for that day.
We are not taking no advance bookings
01462 435705

We are piercing Tuesday-Saturday

Stevenage Piercing Studio:

All bookings can be made a week in advance.

You can call us in the morning to see if we have any availability on that day.

You can call us or come into store to book your appointment

01438 357754

We are piercing Monday-Saturday

Your Appointment

Bring a Valid form of ID with you for your appointment, If your under the age of 16 you would need a parent or your legal guardian to come in with you to fill out our consent forms.

Eat 2 hours before having your piercing done.
 Keep yourself hydrated.
 Have a mask ready to wear.
Come in 10 minutes before your piercing time slot.


Cancellation or Lateness
We have back to back piercings all day long and we have allocated every customer a 35 minute time slot so it is very important you follow all the instructions above.

If you are more then 10 minutes late from your appointment time we will not be able to do your piercing and you will loose your deposit money.

If you give us less then 3 hours notice you cant make your appointment you will loose your deposit money.

If you have an appointment with us, and are experiencing any of the Covid-19 symptoms or believe you may have been in close contact with the virus, please contact us and we can reschedule your appointment at your convenience.