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There is no long term commitment needed as this bestselling temporary hair colour system washes out in 3–6 washes. Crazy Color is to be used exactly as supplied, and does not require the addition of peroxide. Works best on pre-lightened hair.  Crazy Color Neutral can be mixed with any other Crazy Color shade allowing the colour to be diluted and the shade modified.

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Directions are world leaders in semi-permanent hair colour. Directions hair colours are non-damaging, easy to use and give results that will turn heads! With a huge selection to choose from, you can be assured that we have the perfect colour for your hair! Additionally, shades can be mixed too - so the possibilities are endless!

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Manic Panic Classic high voltage semi-permanent hair dye is world famous for its unique vibrant colours, long lasting effect and vegan friendly PPD free materials that have been lighting up the hairstyles of alternative individuals for decades ever since the punk era.

A semi-permanent hair colour with conditioner for direct application to the hair. Free of ammonia or peroxide, stargazer hair colour allows you to achieve a wide range of vibrant translucent colours.

With one application delivering bold colour for up to 6 weeks, this dye is great for anyone who wants maximum results with a minimal amount of effort! Plus, this hair dye conditions as it colours, meaning your hair should feel healthy, silky and smooth after use. With a peroxide and ammonia free formulation, this dye is gentle on your hair.



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