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Body piercers for Unikorn will do your piercing as perfect as they can. For every piercing they provide an aftercare service. They would ask for you to come back in a weeks time to check on your piercing, with most piercing you will receive a free bar change or ball change, with a purchase. If you find any problems with your piercing one of the piercers will be willing to help and give you advice.


Unikorn only pierces with Needles and G23 Titanium jewellery. All jewellery is thoroughly sterilized with an Autoclave. 




Monday - 9:30-17:30

Tuesday - 9:30-17:30

Wednesday - 9:30-17:30

Thursday - 9:30-17:30

Friday - 9:30-17:30

Saturday - 9:30-17:30 

Sunday - Appointment Only 


We have a piercing studio in both our Stevenage and Hitchin shops. 

When you chose to get a piercing with Unikorn, we try our best to ensure that you feel comfortable and safe, and most importantly - that you are happy with the end result!

 We pride ourselves on professionalism, cleanliness, care, and attention; that is needed for all piercings. We are always willing to offer help and reassurance.


We have a very friendly team at Unikorn , so please do not hesitate to call or come into speak to us, with any queries!

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