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Black Acrylic Stretchers 1.2mm-24mm

Black Acrylic Stretchers 1.2mm-24mm


Acrylic Stretchers


  • Stretch your ears in style with this acrylicl stretching taper.
  • This classic taper is solid acrylic with a smooth finish.
  • You can slide it gradually through your piercing, allowing you to easily stretch at your own pace.
  • This steel stretching taper comes with two O-rings to hold it in place.


Most Comfortable Ways To Stretch Your Ears:

  • Use plenty of petroleum jelly - or nautural moisturising oils, if preffered
  • And gradually, at your own pace, slide your stretcher through your piercing
  • Make sure not to force it as this can cause blowout, and will take your piercing a long time to recover from the damage
  • Once comfortably stretched and settled, your ready to go up another size and repeat the process, if desired
  • Returns

    Due to health and safety laws we have a strict no returns policy on body jewellery. 

    Please ensure you order the correct size before purchase.

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