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Fresh Rose Dhoop Incense Cones

Fresh Rose Dhoop Incense Cones


From the makers of the popular Sai Baba Nag Champa comes their Fresh Rose Incense Dhoop Cones. 

These have a distinctive but not too overpowering scent of Rose; very fresh and uplifting with a steady and balanced aroma.

'The fragrance of the Fresh Rose has the power to unite physical & spiritual love, the source of beauty, joy & happiness.

Traditionally hand rolled and made with a mixture of natural oils, herbs & resins. 

A small box contains 12 cones and a metal stand to burn the cones on. A big box contains 12 boxes of the smaller boxes of Fresh Rose Cones.

Burn Time Per Cone: About 25-30 Minutes

Country of Origin: India 

How to Use
Simply place a cone of the small incense stand provided, light the tip of the cone until it burns, wait 2-3 seconds and then blow out the flame to release the aroma. If you cone doesn't start to smoke straight away, light the tip again and repeat the process, wait a couple of seconds before blowing out again.

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