Gold Ultrasonic Diffeser


Ultrasonic Diffeser

These Beautiful Mosaic Differsers are a stunning way to make your home smell amazing. 

Unlike other Aroma Diffusers, this utilizes electronic frequencies to cause a small ceramic disc under the surface of the water to vibrate. This breaks the essential oils into tiny particles, dispersing the oil into a fine mist and creating greater fragrance concentration. They use virtually no heat energy and they will cut off as soon as the water tank is empty. This Diffuser also has a light inside which can be turned on and off. 

Pick an open area in a room or office with a solid surface or tabletop and you will need a outlet to plug it in.

Once you have you have found a place. Fill your diffuser to the fill line of the water reservoir with clean tap water that is room temperature. This diffuser has a limit line. (DO NOT OVERFILL or your diffuser may not run properly).

Next, add 3-10 drops of essential oils to water.

Unikorn has fragrance oils which are sold on our website.

You can experiment with the essential oil amounts to see what you prefer.


Now you just need to turn it on. 

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