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Honeysuckle Fragrance Oil

Honeysuckle Fragrance Oil


Honeysuckle has a wonderful bouquet and the fragrance sold by Regent House is a sweet fantastic floral scent. Wild Honeysuckle basking in the evening dusk, heady with hints of Rose and Tuberose yet soft and creamy from the summer days white blossom.


One of the Regent House festive oils made specially for the Christmas Season.

 These fragrance oils are highly concentrated and unlike many on the market you only need to use a few drops of fragrance oil in the well of your burner to create a wonderful scent. Fragrance Oils come in a 10ml bottle and are highly and can be used in any burner or diffuser. Theese fragrance oils are also suitable for refreshing pot-pourri, scenting dried flowers, making candles or soaps or for radiator humidifiers. Packed in a polybag suitable for use with Regent House display stands.

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