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Rose Gold Hinged Segment Ring with Ball - Surgical Steel

Rose Gold Hinged Segment Ring with Ball - Surgical Steel


Jewellery Type: Hinged Segment with Ball
Material: : 316L Surgical Steel 

  • Ball Closure Rings are some of the most popular pieces of body piercing jewellery, available in a great range of sizes and ideal for use in virtually any body piercing!
  • These easy handling and beautiful design - our new segment ring clickers. With a new and easy closure technology by a built-in hinge the jewellery can be opened and inserted easily.


Choosing the correct size of ball closure rings is an important process, ensuring that the ring is not too large or too small for your piercing. The sizes include the gauge (thickness) of the ring, and the internal diameter.

Suitable for: Ear lobe, Helix, Anti Helix, Rook, Daith, Conch, Tragus, Anti-Tragus, Lobe Orbital, Helix Orbital, UFO, Eyebrow, Nose, Septum, All Lip Piercings, Smiley, Nipple, Navel (Belly Button), 
Genital Piercings Suitable For: FEMALE: Horizontal Hood, Vertical Hood, Labia Inner, Labia Outer, Clitoris. MALE: Prince Albert, Dydoe, Foreskin, Scrotum, Perineum.  (MOST GENITAL PIERCINGS ARE PIERCED WITH 1.6MM NEEDLE) 

  • Returns

    Due to health and safety laws we have a strict no returns policy on body jewellery (including earings).

    Please ensure you have the correct size before purchase, its advised to check with your piercer before hand. 

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