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Welcome to Unikorn!


Company background

Unikorn was founded in 1993. We started from just selling tie dye t-shirts on street corners and at various festivals. After the successs of these stalls we then opened a market stall in Stevenage indoor market which then transpired into 7 busy stalls.

In 2010 Unikorn opened its first shop in Stevenage town centre and then in 2015 we opened a second shop in Hitchin. Both shops have there own piercing studio in which we offer our customers world class customer service to ensure that they find exactly what they are looking for.


 We supply a range of products such as Gothic clothing, hair dyes, contact lenses, jewellery including body jewellery, incense, accessories, bags, belts, smoking utensils, ornaments, perfumes, cosmetics and loads more.

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