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Body piercers for Unikorn will do your piercing as perfect as they can. For every piercing they provide an aftercare service. They would ask for you to come back in a weeks time to check on your piercing, with most piercing you will receive a free bar change or ball change, with a purchase. If you find any problems with your piercing one of the piercers will be willing to help and give you advice.


Unikorn only pierces with Needles and G23 Titanium jewellery. All jewellery is thoroughly sterilized with an Autoclave. 




Monday - 9:30-17:30

Tuesday - 9:30-17:30

Wednesday - 9:30-17:30

Thursday - 9:30-17:30

Friday - 9:30-17:30

Saturday - 9:30-17:30 

Sunday - Appointment Only 



Beth joined the Unikorn family in 2015 as an apprentice. Beth has become a fantastic piercer, she provides a wonderful service for an enjoyable piercing experience, she also has an extensive knowledge of after care so she can answer most questions you may have. 

You can see Beth's personal Portfolio here.



Saskia has been with us since 2020. She is very passionate about body modification and is always researching the safest and newest ways to pierce. She has extensive knowledge on aftercare and always strives to give you the best piercing experience.

You can see Saskias personal Portfolio here.


Lilly (Apprentice)

Lilly has been working with us since 2019, and has recently been taken on by our
piercers' as an apprentice. She is quickly learning to pierce and is already skilled in performing many piercings.
Look out for Lilly's progress as she builds her skills!

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